The Interior Architecture at Cornish provides a rich learning environment where students develop the creative, critical and analytical skills to understand environments, transform space and design objects. 

Inspired by Cornish’s Consilience partnership with the Institute for Systems Biology, and the Science Education Partnership at Fred Hutch, this year our students are focused on design that is inspired by Biology, Ecology and Systems Design. Our juniors and seniors have taken a deep dive into the realm of Biomimicry, Biophilia, Interactive Media Environments and Re-generative Design. They have shifted their gaze and are investigating molecular structures (with our new microscopes!) to inspire their design thinking and are actively developing a research-based practice to integrate aesthetic and practical problem solving methods, and social and environmental responsibility.  

This website hosts their design process blogs, containing their ideation, research methods, design processes and documentation created through their senior projects. 

Our Cornish IA Faculty Team:

Julie Myers (Program Lead), ASID, IIDA, IDEC

Genevieve Tremblay, Assistant Professor, Design and Resident Research Fellow

Stacey CrumbakerIIDA

Isabelle Grizzard Robertson

Nickolas Robertson

Sally Ann Corn

Joseph Kent







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