Capstone: Overview

ce.flippersYour BFA Capstone project is designed to define the complex intersection between personal voice, conceptual understanding and the ability to conduct and use research effectively in the service of creating a compelling, finely crafted design project. Comprehensive research for designers begins with asking the right questions. Where are the holes, where are the problems, where are the “pain points”…where are the opportunities? Identifying these potential areas is a creative process. Problem Finding means problem discovery. It is part of the larger process that includes problem shaping and problem solving. Problem finding requires intellectual vision and insight into what is missing.

ARTIST: What interests you? What things are you most passionate about? What things are you reading, what aspects of the news captivate or concern or excite you? What draws you into the conversation?

CITIZEN: What important issue could you have an impact on with your work? What topics are emerging as pivotal?

INNOVATOR: Pioneers in every field are important to learn from…to study…to investigate…and even to reach out to. Who is breaking new ground? What is emerging…where are the convergence zones?

Problem Discovery DEEP DIVE! Go fishing. Spend time in the library. Work with our amazing librarians Bridget, Hollis and Megan. Talk to them about topics you’re interested in…they can turn you on to all sorts of amazing resources.

BROWSE the shelves, BROWSE the Internet, BROWSE the corridors of your imagination and let your curiosity and passions take you on a journey. EXPLORE ideas. Be CURIOUS. Be BOLD and EXPANSIVE in your thinking. Entertain AUDACIOUS ideas. This is research…so gather sources along the way and create a “breadcrumb” trail, so that you can retrace your steps and share your journey.

Record your journey in a visual/written form…and post your discoveries on your blog as you go. Mindmap, sketch, storyboard, make maps…and write. You will create a short presentation to share 3 ideas that you are inspired by…that you have researched and that you can see yourself moving forward as your Capstone project topic.

Due Nov. 24: Present 3 “inspiration” ideas (10 minutes)