Process Blog

December 2015

3 Topics (Potential Capstone Projects)

Please upload your topics to your blog separately…using the title of the potential project as your title. You should have 3 separate blog posts for this assignment. I would also like to suggest an additional post…that summarizes the ideas and feedback generated through your presentation…while it is all fresh in your mind. Everyone had very insightful comments and relevant resources…so try to capture that with a summary.


November – October 2015

You will be responsible for creating a weekly post on your blog…a detailed report of the observations, research, development, discoveries you make on your project each week. Your blog naturally creates transparency to your process and details your design timeline. This provides you and others with a great perspective on the depth of your research, your design development and time management processes.

Set up WordPress domain and account. Blog naming convention —->

Take a selfie & write a short bio for the “About” page

Create Weekly Entries – (minimum). Standard posts should be at least 150 word, thoughtfully written entries.
Your thought process, form finding, design development and assets should be incorporated into your process blogs. This practice will create an path for your ideation/creation process. Upload assets: drawings, photography, models, schematics, inspirations…and link to relevant resources and sources. Make citations with your blogs, as that will help you later when you have to write (and cite) your proposals.

Weekly Blog Posts

From now until the end of the semester, you will be responsible for a weekly Design Process Review post on your blog. It should be a detailed report of the research, development, discovery that you have made that week on your project. You will keep track of your time as well, so that you can get a picture of how you are using your own time outside of Senior Studio. This report is my window into your progress, in between our one on one meetings. This keeps you accountable for your senior studio time and allows me to give you feedback, resources, etc… on an informal basis…and help to keep you moving forward on your project.


NOTE: We will not give specific assignments for this each week. We expect your blogs to be aligned with your most recent design developments. You will be graded on your process blog based on the above course evaluation criteria.

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