Your précis is your short form of your proposal. Précis (pronounced “preh-si”): is a type of summary or abridgment. It should communicate the intent of your project and answer the first of the “6 questions”. It frames your area of inquiry and can still be very open ended, as you still have much more to investigate and further define your scope. So, in this short statement, the exact form your project will take is less important than your design direction and what you are focused on accomplishing with your project. Because this statement is so brief, the craftsmanship of your language will be key. We will be working on this statement as you conduct further research into your topic of choice. You will have this completed and present it in written form with your final presentation of your capstone topic (December 15).

In mid January, you will begin work on your Project Brief (long form proposal). For the long form, your 6 questions get crafted into an essay…the “long form”, which then becomes, via drafts and redrafts, your final proposal.  The pertinent research you have done to date needs to be part of your final long form proposal. “Credit everything”, as Natalia says. As your inquiry deepens, make your citations (quotes, images, etc…) along the way. Try not to leave these citations until the last it involves unnecessary backtracking. If you have questions about how to craft your Bibliography, the library has a book on Chicago Style you can use, or go to the Writing Center, or work with a Bibliography buddy. Writing tips are on Natalia’s website.