Project Brief

So far, you have brainstormed, researched, explored and mind-mapped your ideas. Your Précis (pronounced “preh-si”): is a type of summary or short form draft proposal that should communicate the intent of your project. It answers the first of the 6 questions (below). This should be an initial post on your process blog.

What’s next?…Now that you have moved those initial ideas forward into design plans, elevations, schematics, models, etc…, you need to create a longer form of your proposal. With this long form, you communicate your research in more detail, citing your sources. You explain how your ideas are taking shape…and how they will be realized through your project design. It’s helpful to revisit those initial questions…plus a few more:

  • What is the subject of my degree project? (This is your “elevator pitch”…one sentence that describes your project).
  • Where did I start?
  • Why am I interested in making work about my topic?
 (background, autobiographical info, things that led to work in this area, etc…)
  • What is the task, problem or opportunity my project explores?
  • Who is my audience? Who is my project created for ? Who will engage with it directly and indirectly with my design?
  • What has my research and inquiry delivered in the way of new understandings…and how have I incorporated that research into my design process and product?

Remember: this is a “living document” that, while comprehensive, is not fixed. The artist world is not a vacuum. It is iterative. It is intensely alive. You should never tire of shifting things around, reshaping the document. Every new idea may lead to an alteration of your map.     ––– Anne West

SPECIFICATIONS FOR PROJECT BRIEF: For the long form proposal/project brief, your 6 questions get crafted into an essay…the “long form”, which then becomes, via drafts and redrafts, your final proposal.  The pertinent research you have done to date needs to be part of your final long form proposal.This draft must include bibliography and footnotes. “Credit everything”, – Natalia Illyn. Try not to leave these citations until the last minute.

The expectation for this written draft is high. Please use complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling. Use these 6 questions as subheads in your draft. Include key images of your exploration to accompany your writing. Your long form essay should be about a 2-page document (12 point Courier, double spaced, normal margins).

Submitted as PDF to both Canvas as well as in email to both Julie and Gen:, Once it has been reviewed and edited, it should be posted on your process blogs. Please include your name, project title, date…and save with proper naming conventions.

Library Research: Work on gathering research (bibliographic info/citations) to support your draft. If you have questions about how to craft your Bibliography, consult any  of the books in the library on Chicago Style or go to the Writing Center. More writing tips are on Natalia’s sites: Writing tips:…and Errors of death:


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