Time Management

1. SCOPE – What are you making?
2. WORK BREAKDOWN – What are all the tasks?
3. NETWORK – What is the best order?
4. IMPLEMENT + TRACK – Are you on time and budget?

5. CLOSEOUT + EVALUATE – What worked?

Some TIPS: Know when, where and under what circumstances you are most productive. Be greedy about that time. Embrace routines. You will find more room for creativity when you eliminate decisions from other parts of your life. Let open‐ended tasks like research and brainstorming be rewards for completing more tedious tasks.

Focus! Limit yourself to one cool feature per project and do it really well. One innovative element framed by conventional elements will make your project more impactful and easier to execute.

Craft matters!…so build in time for it.
Pay attention to the tactical skills you need to develop in order to really get stuff done.


Where do I get caught on a project? How long to tasks really take me? What are my top distractions? What is my most productive time place and time of day? What is holding me back? What am I most afraid of?


(Hint: Start at the End)…What are your deliverables? Get descriptive. Get specific. (example: 8 garment Fall collection including 3 dresses, 2 tops, 2 trousers + 1 jacket). Are you being realistic?


(Hint: Work Backwards)…Count back, task by task, to today. What needs to be done? Write it down. How long will it take? Double it. It won’t be perfect, but this is a great start.

refine YOUR PLAN

Then take the all the notes you made from counting backwards and put it into a format you can work with. By week? By task? Drawing? Spreadsheet?
Keep your plan visible in your studio and on your Process blog.