Writing Studio

WRITING STUDIO: As we launch into the initial stages of your Capstone project, we will turn our attention to your writing. It will be essential to develop a level of comfort with your writing to ideate, to clarify and to communicate. It will be consistent companion to your design work. You will be given reading assignments and writing prompts.

The Anne West reading I handed out was a introduction to her work guiding artists and designers in an exploratory ideation process. Selected writing prompts will be given from this book and possibly others. These assignments are meant to amplify your writing/ideation process for developing your Capstone project, regardless of the topic you’ve chosen. These exercises take a considerable about of thought, time and care. The first writing prompt is in the reading you received: “Working the Dialogue with Space” (handout given on Tuesday, Nov 17).

Step One: In Collaboration with Space (Free Write for 10 minutes). Step Two: What calls out to us from your works? (Free Write for 10 minutes responding to 5 questions ). Post your full responses to your blog (title of this post should be: “Working the Dialogue with Space”).


IMG_0179 (2).JPG


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